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Why Porcelain Wood

Our wood tiles combine the hard-wearing nature of glazed porcelain with the meticulous reproduction of wood's color, texture, variations and imperfections to provide a floor covering that is unsurpassed in both quality and design. If that's not reason enough, here are a few others why Porcelain Wood is the best and only choice.

  • Trees are good. We like them. They provide such visual splendour and produce the stuff we breathe. They're the scaffolding for birds' nests, so let's leave them be.
  • Porcelain Wood reflects nature and protects nature. With up to 40% recycled content, our tiles are a premium product that don't cost the earth.
  • 'Hardwearing' is something of an understatement, but boy does Porcelain Wood relish a challenge. Give it countless shoes and boots, shopping trolleys and even cars, years of direct sunlight and perhaps the odd rain shower. It'll still look more like wood than...well, wood.
  • No splinters. No tears. No sticking plasters.
  • Porcelain Wood laughs in the face of ladies in high heels. And gentlemen too for that matter! Our wood effect tiles are highly resistant to scratches, scrapes, dents and dints. Hen parties welcome.
  • Real wood is perfect for putting on a fire. Porcelain Wood isn't. In fact, it's 100% fire proof.
  • Our tiles love a good clean. Boiling hot water, scrubbing brushes, industrial sit-on cleaners, bleach, whatever! Clean Porcelain Wood until you can eat your dinner off it - plates are, after all, made of porcelain!
  • With under-floor heating, nine out of ten cats said they preferred Porcelain Wood. Fortunately, our tiles are 100% pet claw resistant.
  • Come rain, sleet or snow, with Porcelain Wood's 'Dalby' decking, your patio will always look as good as the day it was installed.
  • Porcelain Wood tiles are harder, stronger, more resistant and resilient than wood - do NOT try cutting a plank of Porcelain Wood with a saw!

So the question isn't really 'Why Porcelain Wood?' but 'why any other wood'?

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Offering excellent value for money and available in four classic wood grains.
The Ashclyst collection is a bold, contemporary interpretation of wood flooring, providing a beautifully clean finish.
Our Ashdown range plays on the richness of diversity and is available in five visually striking wood grains.
A faithful and intricate representation of authentic parquet flooring.
Manufactured in a range of minimal, washed-out wood grains, our Dalby range provides a deliberately understated floor covering.
Our Darwin range takes outdoor decking to a stunning new level.
A faithful and intricate representation of authentic parquet flooring.
Our Rutland range offers a variety of beautifully distressed wood grains and a vivid Mediterranean colour pallet.
With a natural matt finish, Selwood is specifically designed to offer a range of authentic and traditional English woods.
At the cutting-edge of contemporary, our Whinfell range is a statement in itself.